Welcome to Aloha Kai Yoga & Pilates

Our bodies were woven together with such uniqueness, such intention, that the function of the human body in itself is a blessing and a miracle.  Our bodies are a gift and it’s our responsibility to take care of them…Mind, Body, Spirit.

Psalm 139:14

Give yourself the gift of deep breaths and movement everyday.

Exclusively for Women

“Be (Present) with every (Breath) and move through your practice like the waves of the (Ocean)” – Aloha Kai –

“God’s (Presence) surrounds you, His (Breath) fills you, and His grace moves over you like the waves of the (Ocean)” – Aloha Kai – 

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  • Aloha Kai Yoga is a place to bring community together, to support one another, encourage each other, & cheer one another on! Here…your practice is your own, and your journey is unique to anyone else’s. Whether it be to focus on spirituality, your physical body, breaking emotional walls down, or just to kick a little booty and show yourself what you’re really made of! We’re here to become the best versions of ourselves that we can possibly be, and to be filled with inspiration along the way.

    Inspired by the Hawaiian Islands, the Aloha Spirit, and bringing the Community together, we welcome you to add a little ~Aloha~ into your life!!

    Mission Statement