Girl and her bulldog doing Hatha Yoga

The Power of Breath


Girl meditating on the sound of the ocean and doing yoga on beach

Our breath is the foundation of our very existence, and how we breathe can either create a blissful calm, a sense of grounding. reset our nervous system, and decrease stress and anxiety. Or it will create havoc inside your body, create stress, fatigue, lack of oxygen to your brain and your muscles, and leave you feeling terrible and exhausted.

It’s the breath of life that runs through our veins, so take time everyday to shut yourself away from the world, from your kids, and your husband/wife (I promise they will survive) and nurture your body…

Heart, Mind, Soul, Strength, and BREATH

Here’s a little exercise for you…place your right hand over your bellybutton and your left hand over your sternum. Take a few natural breaths and see which hand moves the most.

Proper breath is breathing from your diaphragm (belly breathing). As you inhale your belly should expand and fill up. As you exhale your bellybutton gets drawn into your spine, finding that corset effect of your core muscles wrapping around your waistline, depleting the oxygen from your lungs. This kind of breathing doesn’t usually come natural to most people, so look at it like an exercise and practice everyday, and you’ll get better and better everyday.

Lots of love & aloha to you all!

Stefanee Kai




We Did It!!! Our First Week!

We did it!!!

Aloha Kai Studio ~ Schedule

We opened our beautiful Island Inspired Yoga, Pilates, and Barre Studio on Monday 2/20/17 and it was an amazing week of bliss and gratitude! We met new beautiful faces, had the honor of being a part of their practices, and just had a permanent smile on our faces!

We thank each of you who came out to support us on our first week and can’t wait to see you again!

Join us next week for some amazing classes and add a little ~Aloha~ into your life! Find us on the MindBody App at “Aloha Kai Studio” or checkout the schedule on the website ~

New Clients ~ Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to fill out paperwork.

Mahalo from the #AlohaKaiTribe

Stefanee, Nancy, and Mel xoxo




Teamwork makes the dream work!

Goodmorning & Happy Tuesday friends!

I’m so excited about the progress in the studio over the weekend! My amazing husband got in there and tore that place apart and demoed every single thing inside in 4 hours! Things are coming along, we’re going to be ordering the Pilates Springboards this week and the large studio mirrors! The Ballet Barres will be up once we paint and get everything where it needs to be! It was so fun working with my husband and us really being a team! The saying is so true…Team work makes the dream work!

We’re looking at a mid-late January 2017 opening so stay connected, we have a ton of amazing classes that will be offered at the studio that you won’t want to miss! xoxo

Yoga on the beach! Aloha Kai Studio!

So excited!!! We’re kicking 2017 off with a BANG!!!

I’m beyond excited to announce that “Aloha Kai Studio” will be opening mid-late January! The studio space is magical, right in the heart of Downtown Petaluma on the upper deck of the Old Mill with a stunning view of the city and of the Petaluma River! We’ll be offering Yoga, Pilates, and Barre classes, AND we’ll be offering Aloha Kai Yoga Wheel classes as well, which I’m ready to come out of my skin I’m so excited about!  We’ll be offering sunrise/sunset yoga on the upper deck, and this summer we’ll be starting SUP Yoga as well! Are you as excited as we are?!?!  Stay connected and I hope to see some familiar faces in the new year and looking forward to meeting new ones too!  I’m so excited to kick 2017 off with a BANG!!!

Lots of love and aloha to you all!

Aloha, Stefanee


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